In a nutshell ITA

Problem solvers loaned to the world of engineering.

Delivering cutting-edge expert and professional services. 

Technical and legal

  Insurance market   Training

We are experts in the automotive industry (cars and motorcycles).

We provide consulting services in association with a renowned legal firm.


We deliver our appraisals across Italy, through a network of outstanding professionals.

With us you get only the best in class.


We operate as technical training consultants.

Our targets are insurance companies, loss adjusters and automotive repair shops.

Our partners

Studio legale
Alessio & Partners
Nuova SIA Srl

  Edogest Srl

Delivering expert advice and services, for both out-of-court issues and in-court disputes, at every level, in a range of national and international civil law sectors.


Nuova SIA is a leader in handling claims and has a network of appraisers, adjusters, body shops and medical examiners across the whole nation.


We operate in the Italian insurance field, certifying the quality of services involving damages payouts and providing technical training in the field of losses.

Our services

Technical and legal

We operate in the area of legal disputes handled in and out of court, utilising the services of specialist engineers and experts. We operate as independent experts in civil and criminal proceedings.

We handle the dispute from the preliminary remarks through to the final decision.

The automotive industry (cars and motorcycles) is our go-to sector.


Insurance market

Handling the claim

  Reconstructing the loss

We handle the entire claim, from the initial submission until final settlement.

In particular, we can: - assess damages - check that the loss is genuine - evaluate insurance legislation.

A tailored solution right at your doorstep


We deliver a service to reconstruct motor vehicle accidents, as well as theft or fire.

In particular, we handle:
- claims with personal injury
- damages relating to death
- damages to property


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