Technical and legal advisory services

We provide technical and legal advice in and out of court in civil and criminal matters across the nation.

Accident reconstruction

We operate as reconstruction specialists in the field of car accidents. We use traditional mechanics for the initial reconstruction, then perform follow-up verification with state-of-the-art software, such as Pc Crash and Pro Impact Evolution.


Damages assessment

We assess motor vehicle damage using estimation software with constantly updated databases of spare parts and repair times, such as Oltre3D.


We use specific software for a 2D and 3D structural comparison of vehicles and study the accident site, witness statements and the nature of the damage in order to assess the compatibility and congruence between the damages claimed and the accident reported.


Black boxes

We provide specialist advisory services for black box analysis.

Automotive training courses

We provide automotive training. Our courses are geared towards employees of insurance companies, adjusters and rebuilders.